domingo, junio 12, 2005

Playlist 11/Jun/2005

Bloc Party-This Modern Love/Chucho-La mente del monstruo/Franz Ferdinand (by Daft Punk)-Take me out/Carrots-Cinnamon Park/Radiohead-Idioteque (live)/Less-Y siento/M83-Don´t save us from the flames/Champagne-Summer and kisses/Clem Snide-End of love/Les Philippes-La pieza exacta/Niños Mutantes- Entrevista+Nada nuevo+El ejército de brutos mecánicos +El fuego dentro + El silencio (Enjoy the Silence, versión Depeche Mode)/Universal Circus-Just can´t get enough (v Depeche Mode)/Pernice Brothers-There goes the sun/Art Brut-Formed a band/Queens of the Stone Age-Little Sister/Deneuve-Tal como sentíamos entonces/Dogs Die in hot cars-I love you cause I have to/Hot Hot Heat-Goodnight Goodnight/La Habitación Roja-Los últimos románticos/Sleater Kinney-The fox/Belle & Sebastian-I am waking up to us/The Boy least likely to-Paper cuts/The Magic Numbers-Love is a game/The Konki Duet-Il fait tout gris/Refree-Ya no hay pena/Iron & Wine-Jezebel