domingo, abril 17, 2005

Playlist 17/Abril/2005

Mando Diao-You cant still buy my love/LCD Soundsystem-Disco infiltrator/Los Planetas-De viaje -mix 2/Cycle-Apple tree/Franz Ferdinand by Daft Punk-Take me out remix/The Bravery-Fearless/The Pauls-I would remember you/Oasis-Lyla/Malice-Beautiful lies/Maximo Park-Apply some pressure/La Granja-Tu droga favorita/NIños mutantes-En autobús/Orlando-Sweet time/The Delgados-Is this all that I came for?/Quique Gonzalez-73/Josh Rouse-1972/Bright Eyes-First day of my life/Cooper-Seis menos diez/Han Solo-Rompesueños/The Libertines-Cant´s stand me now/Lali Puna-Micronomic/The Chemical Brothers-Believe/Bloc Party-This modern love/Sidonie-The sheltering sun/Tachenko-Cuatro rosas/The Mockers-Mola,guay,ok/La Habitación Roja-Nunca ganaremos el mundial/Souvenir-Presage de l´hiver/Doves-Snowden/Sr Chinarro-Dos besugos/Robyn Hitchcok-If you know time/Mus-Sola/Santi Campos-Mejor dormir