domingo, marzo 06, 2005

Playlist 6/Mar/05

Franz Ferdinand (by Daft Punk)-Take me out/Seine-Give me a break/LCD Soundsystem-Disco Infiltrator/Octubre-Todo es mentira/Bloc Party-Helicopter/Tachenko-Amable/Teenage Fanclub (version Daniel Johnston)-My life is starting over again/Entrevista Luis Popmadrid con selección musical:[The Records-Starry Eyes/Champagne-Summer and Kisses/Fountains of Wayne-Bright Future in Sales/La Granja-Tu droga favorita/Zodiacs-Chica normal/The Sunday Drivers-On my mind/Carrots-Cinammon Park/Mathew Sweet-You´re not sorry]/The Futureheads-Hounds of love/The Happy Losers-Harlequin/Camera Obscura-Suspended from class/Cooper-Cierra los ojos/Morrissey-First of the gang to die/Stay-I´m still nothing/Wilco-Muzzle of bees/Mercromina-Lo que dicta el corazón/Josh Rouse-It´s the nighime/Astrud-CD/Lovely Luna-Si digo lo que pienso en realidad/Malcolm Scarpa-Viva la mediocridad/Julie Doiron-Snow falls in november/Matt Elliott-What´s wrong