domingo, diciembre 11, 2005

Playlist 10/Dic/05

The Strokes-You only live once/Garzón-Otra fuerza/Seine-Out of work/Nada Surf-Always love/Ama-Hasta el último instante/Rogue Wave-Publish my love/Wolf Parade-This heart´s on fire/Franz Ferdinand-Walk away/Ladytron-Destroy everything you touch/Humbert humbert-Down off/La Costa Brava-Adoro a las pijas de mi ciudad/The Rosebuds-The lovers rights/Cooper-Seis menos diez/Ron Sexmith-Imaginary friends/Lapido-Rincones secretos/Arab Strap-Speed date/Pinkie-Long live dream/Sidonie-Jardin polar/Rosie Thomas-Pretty dress/Remate-The way you are/El Hijo-Un ayer/Antony & the Jonhnsons-The horror has gone