sábado, noviembre 26, 2005

Playlist 26/Nov/05

The Arcade Fire-Wake up/The Bravery-Honest mistake/Lori Meyers-El aprendiz/Pernice Brothers-Snow/Art Brut-Formed a band/Arctic Monkeys-You look good on the dance floor-Seine-Sharmane star/Bloc Party-Banquet (unmixed)/La Habitación Roja-Los últimos románticos/Lapido-Bellas mentiras/My morning jacket-Anytime/Deluxe-There is a light that never goes out/Bombones-Girlfriend in a coma/Wolf Parade-Shine a light/Constantines-Love in fear/Tarik y la fábrica de colores-Porque es domingo/The Afternoons-Coast road/Ama-Hasta el último instante/Siwel-Our different thing/Anorak-International airport