domingo, octubre 09, 2005

Playlist 8/Oct/05

Franz Ferdinand-The Fallen/Cycle-Confusion/Adam Green-Emily/Deneuve-Tal como sentíamos entonces/The Strokes-Juicebox/Death Cab for Cutie-Soul meets body/Anorak-Another way/Iron & Wine con Calexico-History of lovers/Los Imposibles-Marijane´s gone/Santi Campos-Superman/My Morning Jacket-Gideon/Devendra Banhart-Now that I know/The Robocop Kraus-After laughter comes tears/Teenage fanclub-Slow fade/Bathing Beauties-Let´s keep it friendly/The Stands-Do it like you like/Constantines-Love in fear/The Decemberists-The sporting life/Big Star-Do you wanna make it/Siwel-Ahora ya no/Daniel Johnston-Love not dead/Nacho Vegas-Nuevos planes, idénticas estrategias/Sigur Ros-Glosoli


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